Dreamland Villa Mesa, AZ

Dreamland Villa Mesa, AZ

Dreamland Villa Recreation Center
320 N 55th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85205

Dreamland Villa Overview

The senior community of Dreamland Villa is the first of four 55+ retirement communities in Mesa, Arizona by Farnsworth Development. The other three are: Sunland Village, Sunland Village East, and the newest, Sunland Springs Village. Dreamland Villa covers 800 acres with approximately 2,700 homes and was built in 18 different phases (sections).

The inspiration for Dreamland Villa, as a community exclusively for retirees 55 years of age and over was the creation of Youngstown, Arizona, which was built during the 1950’s. Joe and Ross Farnsworth started Dreamland Villa’s first section with 200 acres of land near the corner of Main and Higley. They broke ground in 1958 and the grand opening was in January, 1959, exactly one year before the grand opening of Sun City by Del Webb.

Ultimately, Dreamland Villa grew into a retirement community made up of eighteen sections and nearly five thousand individuals. Construction continued until the early 70’s on the later sections.

When Dreamland Villa was built, it was located in the county some distance from the borders of the City of Mesa. To this day, even though Mesa has experienced tremendous growth, Dreamland Villa remains a county island completely surrounded by the City of Mesa.

The Dreamland Villa newspaper, the Citizen, was first published in the early 1960’s. An annual directory of Dreamland residents is distributed to all residents the first part of each year.

Dreamland Villa Amenities

The facilities of the Dreamland Villa Community Club consist of two separate complexes:

The Read Hall complex houses most of the club’s indoor activities, the business office, the shuffleboard and croquet courts, the exercise room, two pools and a spa, and card rooms, the computer club, a meeting room that will accommodate up to 150 persons, and John’s Villa Restaurant.

The Farnsworth Hall complex includes a large auditorium with a full stage and is used for larger events such as the Arts and Craft Shows, the Art Show, Potluck Dinners, and is home to the Farnsworth Hall Community Theatre which promotes dances and various types of entertainment programs including musical groups, concerts, and plays. Farnsworth Hall also has available County certified kitchen facilities. This complex also has the bocce ball and horseshoe courts and the band shell used to present outdoor entertainment programs.

Both complexes offer swimming pools and hot tub facilities

Check the HOA’s website for a full list of the numerous clubs and activities. A community newspaper called the The Sun Times is published monthly with their calendar of events and community news.

Dreamland Villa Real Estate

All homes at Dreamland Villa are detached single-family dwellings ranging in size from about 850 to 2200 square feet.

All homes here are quite old, and most will need substantial updating to meet the needs of today’s buyers, but for those looking for an inexpensive home with very low carrying costs, Dreamland Villa is a good fit.

In the early phases of Dreamland Villa, the city of Mesa did not have any sewer services to the area, so the majority of homes in this community are on a septic system.

HOA or No HOA?

When Dreamland Villa was initially developed there was no such thing as a “planned community” and the 18 separate sections that were constructed from 1959 – 1973 only had general deed restrictions (type of housing, age restrictions, no livestock). Dreamland Villa did not have any common area, nor did any of the recorded restrictions provide for a homeowners association. In 1961, a group of residents formed the Dreamland Villa Community Club, Inc. (“DVCC”), to provide various recreational facilities to those who joined the club. Membership was voluntary, and members paid dues to belong to DVCC and to use its facilities.

From 2002 – 2010 a battle ensued between homeowners who wanted an HOA and homeowners who did not want to be forced into an HOA that was not in place when they purchased their home. The lawsuit was finally decided by the Arizona Court of Appeals in March 2010 in favor of the anti-HOA homeowners who had filed suit in protest. The three-judge appellate court panel unanimously reversed the previous Maricopa County Superior Court ruling that had initially ruled in favor of DVCC (the “HOA”). The appellate court ruled that the original property declarations did not allow the residents to be forced into club membership. They also did not allow the board to assess fees and place property liens on homeowners who refused to pay “for an association they did not seek.”

Dreamland Villa Golf

The 9-hole executive length Dreamland Villa Golf Course has been closed. Golf enthusiasts can golf at nearby executive courses located at Sunland Village or Sunland Village East

About the Mesa Area

Dreamland Villa is located about 10 minutes from the Superstition Springs Mall, so anything and everything you could ever need or want is within minutes of the community. Major medical facilities including a Banner Hospital are also within 5-10 minutes of the community.

The convenient location offers easy access to Loop 202, making Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and downtown Phoenix just a 20-30 minute drive (without traffic).