Dreamland Villa: Big News, Big Changes

Dreamland VillaDreamland Villa, Mesa’s first 55+ retirement community, hasn’t changed much since it was completed in the mid-1970’s by Farnsworth.

The battle that tried to force the creation of an HOA would have meant big changes, but since the courts ruled that residents could not be forced into an HOA, everything went back to the way it was before that battle started.

But, there are some big plans by the city of Mesa that will mean big changes to Dreamland Villa and nearby Velda Rose.

City of Mesa will add Sewer Lines to County Islands

Dreamland Villa sits on a county island that is not officially part of the city of Mesa, and for the vast majority of homes, that meant that city sewer lines were not brought into the area while the community was first being developed back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Only the very last section completed, located in the farthest northeast corner of the community, was built with public sewer lines. The rest of Dreamland Villa homes have private septic tanks.

The city of Mesa will foot about $100 million in helping residents of the county islands (including Dreamland Villa) that currently have septic systems hook up to the city sewer system. The city is concerned that the old septic systems will start to fail in coming years and contaminate the city’s underground water sources.

Owners will still have to pay a fee for the sewer lines to be brought from the street to the house, but it will be a very small fraction of what it would cost if the city was not subsidizing the expense.

Once the lines are in place, if a septic system fails, the house MUST be hooked up to the city sewer because the city will not approve a new septic installation. No word yet on voluntary hook-ups and how much the cost will be to homeowners to have the lines brought to the house.

You can see more information and the full article at AZ Central.

Many potential buyers are wary of purchasing a home with a private septic tank and bypass Dreamland Villa in favor of homes with more “modern” city sewer lines, so this should help Dreamland Villa home values.

Dreamland Villa Golf Course Sold to a Developer for “Family Homes”

blog-dlv3William Lyon Homes has placed a contract on the 30-acre Dreamland Villa Golf Course and is currently seeking approval from the city of Mesa to built 240 homes. The new community will be surrounded by 6 – 8 foot block wall fencing with an area in the middle for a neighborhood park and tot lot. The homes will be 2-story homes between 1600 – 1800 SqFt designed to appeal to families with children. There will be 8 houses per acre on the 30 acres (240 houses), and pricing will probably start in the low $200’s.

The golf course is owned by Farnsworth and is part of the city of Mesa, unlike the surrounding Dreamland Villa and Velda Rose communities, which are on county islands. Although nearby Dreamland Villa and Velda Rose residents showed up at a planning meeting to voice their concerns about the project, since they are COUNTY residents, not MESA residents, their voices and concerns don’t carry as much weight with the city planners. Residents were told that the project is very likely to move forward, and if it doesn’t, Farnsworth will probably end up selling the golf course to a different developer who would also plan to build “regular” houses there.

You can see more information and details on DVCC’s website.

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